Address: 33, Rue Saint-Jacques,  Paris 5
Metro: Cluny
Hours: This location is open from noon to midnight
Phone: 01 44 07 27 37
Website: Le Bar a Huitres

Taken over by Garry Dorr in Summer of 2010, Le Bar a Huitre has become one of the finest restaurant for seafood lovers in Paris. The Oyster bar offered at Le Bar A Huitre is one the best with more than 24 types of oyster for you to choose from. Le Bar A Huitre has been nominated as the best seafood and oyster bar restaurant in Paris in 2012.

Le Bar A huitre priase themselves for replacing the traditional paper menu with iPads.

The restaurant offers a take out service of some of items from the menu but they recommend you reserve your take out 24 hours in advance.

Other locations of Le Bar à Huitres.

33 Blvd Beaumarchais
Paris 3
Tel: 01 48 87 98 9
Hours: Noon to midnight

112 Blvd du Montparnasse
Paris 14
Metro: Vavin
Tel: 01 43 20 71 01
Hours: Noon to midnight

69 Ave de Wagram
Paris 17
Metro: Terne
Tel: 01 43 80 63 54
Hours: Noon to 2:30
7 pm – midnight