An extremely popular way to travel in France and Europe is by Train.

Using TGV (Train a grande vitess), one of the fastest trains in the world, is a great way to travel within France and neighbouring counties and viewing the scenery. It connects over 150 cities at the speed of about 320 mph.

To get an idea you can travel from Paris to Geneva in about 3 hours and 45 minutes, or a Paris to Nice trip is just under 6 hours.

There are first and second class options when you book your ticket.  First class gives you more seating room and luggage space with reclining seats. Depending on the length of your trip a meal may also be included.

The TGV Booking Center gives you an excellent option to book your ticket online at a great price.


Eurostar, another great travel option, takes you form Paris downtown to London Waterloo International in about 2 and half hours going through an underground tunnel (the Chunnel). Eurostar goes through London, Ashford in Kent, Paris, Brussels, Lille, Disneyland Resort Paris and Calais-Fréthun directly.


Paris Train Stations

There are 6 major train (Gare) stations in Paris, serving various destinations:

Gare St. Lazare – Paris 8 – Secong Largest Train Station in Europe
Mostly Serving: Basse Normandie and Haute Normandie

Gare de l’Est – Paris 10
Serving: Champagne, Alsace, Eastern Europe, Germany, Switzerland

Gare du Nord – Paris 10
Serving: Northern France, Belgium, Netherlands and England – Eurostar’s hub

Gare Montparnasse – Paris 15
Serving: Versailles, Brittany, Loire Valley, West and Southwest France and NW Spain

Gare Austerlitz – Paris 13
Serving: Loire Valley, Southwest France (Cote d’Azure, Provence) and Spain

Gare de Lyon – Paris 12
Serving: Southeast and Central France, Lille, Rhône Valley, Provence, Italy, Spain

Travel Tip:

Please make sure that you reserve your seat as well when you purchase a train ticket.