Address:  2 Rue Palatine, Paris 6
Metro: St. Sulpice
Hours: Open everyday from 7:30 am – 7:30 pm.
Fees: Free
Phone: 01 42 34 59 98

St. Sulpice is one of the most beautiful and the second largest church in Paris. The Construction of St. Sulpice church began in the 1600s over an existing church of the 13th century. It took over one hundred years to complete St. Sulpice Church. Due to the length of construction, the south tower is about 5 cm shorter than the north tower with slight variation in design.

Inside you can find the three beautiful murals painted by Eugene Delacroix as well as one of the largest organs in France made by the famous organ maker Cavaillé-Coll.

This is the church where Victor Hugo married Adele Fouche.

There is also a little science associated with St. Sulpice, namely a gnomon / Meridian line. This Astronomical gnomon was used to calculate the winter and summer Solstices as well as the date of Easter. (The Brass line is what the Da Vinci code calls Rose Line).

St Sulpice became more famous after being featured in the Da Vinci Code.

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St Sulpice Chruch